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Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology
Alliance Textile Lightweight Construction

ATL Alliance Textile Lightweight Construction




The heart of Chemnitz Alliance of Textile-reinforced Lightweight design (ATL) consists of Institute of Lightweight Structures together with Institute of Conveyor and Plastics, of Chemnitz University of Technology as well as the affiliated institutes Cetex and stfi. Together with further research institutes and 350 regional small and medium-sized companies exists a tight collaboration. Altogether Chemnitz ATL is coordinating and processing more than 350 research and development projects in the fields of textile technics and technology as soon as lightweight structures and system lightweight design.


The research institutes of ATL initiate and apply cooperative projects together with up to 30 partners from science and economy. Thereby, they save more than 600 jobs, primarily in Saxony, in the field of high technology sector. Alone the professorship of lightweight structures and polymer engineering created more than 150 jobs with 50 cooperative projects in lightweight construction and textiles, in the last 2 years of crises.

At the 12. Chemnitz Textile Engineering Congress, ATL presents selected cooperative projects and obtained results. For example the new devised thermoplastic semi-finished part Ce-Preg®, which is the basis of associated high performance components as well as biotex performs for flux-capable reinforcement of ultra lightweight components and the partial textile reinforcement of injection molding parts. The fields of application of the research results are for example at the production of comfort car seats and partitions, lightweight robots and gym equipment.




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Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Heinrich
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(Photo: TU Chemnitz/Wolfgang Schmidt)


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