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Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology

Main Research


  •  Integrative technologies for processing endless-reinforcement plastics
  •  Calculation and design of fibre composites with high functional integration
  •  Development of processes and machines for manufacturing components in composite construction
  •  Concatenation of processes for energy-efficient product technologies
  •  Method for product development with renewable primary products and recycled materials
  •  Handling of limp area-measured materials
  •  Development of textile, tailoring and special machines
  •  Hydraulics, pneumatics and drive systems
  •  Active composites and lightweight structures
  •  Injection-moulding processing of textile-reinforced parts


  •  Methods for continuous manufacturing of profiled structures
  •  Method of calculations for adhesive bonds of fibre composites
  •  Reprocessing of GRP-components
  •  Material usage of production residuals with natural fibre-reinforced plastics
  •  Researches to improve the dynamic reaction of pneumatic drive systems
  •  Basics for processing with regrowing materials
  •  Microfluid structures for new climate concepts
  •  Investigations for material compounding
  •  Development technologies for highly loaded structural panels
  •  New material and manufacturing concepts for dynamic and chemical high loaded spools
  •  Development technologies for load-capable structured rovings


The current research projects are supported by:

  •  European Community
  •  Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  •  German Research Foundation
  •  German Federation of Industrial Research Associations
  •  Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
  •  Industry

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