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Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology
Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology

Joining technologies for multi-material systems in weight-optimized electro vehicles at large scale production



The main topic of this junior research team is the overall examination of large scale joining technologies for multi-material design (MMD) with thermoplastics and metals. With regard to the sorted separation of the MMD-compounds at the end of the products lifecycle, concepts for recycling are needed. On the basis of the research results, design guidelines and failure models will be developed, leading to construction specifications for process- and material-appropriate design of the joining areas.


Project Data

  •  Duration: 15.08.2013 bis 31.12.2014
  •  4 Assistants, 2 Technicians and 1 Administration Assistant

Main Fields

  •  overall examination of large scale joining technologies for multi-material design with thermoplastics and metals
  •  making technical, ecological and economical potentials accessible
  •  load-appropriate design of joining areas
  •  large scale manageable processes
  •  development of flexible tool systems

Subject areas

Subproject 1: Development of ElV technologies / Department of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology


  •  Research  of bonding properties of the joining technique with special regard to the TAF
  •  Development of testing requirements for multi-material connections
  •  Construction of special testing devices for further technological characterisation
  •  Analysis of sensitivity of process parameters for predefined material combinations applied in automotive industry e.g. DC04, X5CrNi18-10 und AlMg4,5Mn0,4 with PA6-based FRP with Glass-, Basalt- and carbon-fibre reinforcement
  •  Realisation and analysis of statistically proven component tests
  •  Conception of a modular joining-aggregate 

Subproject 2: Simulation and dimensioning of  TAF and SBR-Bonding / Department of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology


  •  Preparation of numerical models for dimensioning of ElV-joining-technologies
  •  Development of concept for failure evaluation of ElV structures
  •  Dimensioning of a system demonstrator evolved from existing structures of electronic vehicles
  •  Validation und optimisation of the numeric models on the demonstrators

Subproject 3: Development of ElV-Technologies / Chair of Welding Engineering


  •  Determination of the limitations of use and production
  •  Evaluation of joining properties von joining properties (rigidity, strength)
  •  Development of methods for comparison and benchmarking of the investigated
  •  Investigation of amount and placement of load-bearing punctual
  •  Verification of the demonstrator produced with ElV-technologies

Subproject 4: Construction and dimensioning of a joining apparatus for hybrid structures / Chair of Welding Engineering


  •  Conception of a modular joining apparatus for the processes developed in ElV
  •  Dimensioning of the several sub-assemblies considering various loads and variants
  •  Testing and implementation of the apparatus, deriving work
  •  Iterative optimisation of production process based on component properties gained from structural test stations and documentation of production parameters
  •  Implementation and maintenance of a knowledge database
  •  Creation of suitable data processing concepts and administration of access




  •  Mario Klein, B.Sc. (Research Assistant / SLK)
  •  Sebastian Berndt, B.Sc. (Research Assistant / SLK)
  •  Reza Kaboli, M.Sc. (Research Assistant / Chair of Welding Engineering)
  •  Kevin Höfer, Dipl.-Ing. (Research Assistant / Chair of Welding Engineering)



Possible tasks for student research assistants:

  •  Preliminary work for FE-Simulations
  •  Support in construction tasks
  •  Assistance in pre-cutting
  •  Preliminary work in production of test parts
  •  Preliminary work in metallographic research of joining parts and zones
  •  Analysis of the mechanical material and part tests
  •  Processing of test results in graphics and diagrams
  •  Supervision of project relevant state of scientific work (research)
  •  Design and coding of the knowledge database
  •  Administrative operations
  •  Support in preparation of presentations and publications as well as exhibitions

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