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Endowed Chair "Textile Plastic Composites and Hybrid Compounds"


The Endowed Chair “Textile Plastic Composites and Hybrid Compounds” is involved in numerous activities of the Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE, in the Interacting Research Domain IRD A (directed by the head of the Endowed Chair), in subprojects A1 and A3 as well as in B5 and C5.
The following tasks are explored by the networked team:

  • in-line production of functional multi-hybrid thermoplastic-based laminates
  • tailor-made design of high stiffness, high-strength hybrid composites
  • forming concepts for hybrid laminates
  • interface design in hybrid composites
  • integration of thin-layer sensors
  • development of innovative material concepts with bionic inspired structures based on fibre-reinforced thermoplastics produced and processed with textile technologies
  • adaptation of the manufacturing process of textile thermoplastic composites for an optimum design of structures with a bionic inspired structure
  • prevention of corrosion in hybrid composites with integrated conductive fibres, e.g.  carbon fibres
  • characterisation of the mechanical-technological properties of application-oriented hybrid structures with a bionic inspired inserts
  • process optimisation for a high interface adhesion
  • development of forming processes for hybrid near-net-shape parts
  • integration of 3D textiles using injection moulding with flexible plastic foams
  • physiological customisation of 3D textiles
  • specification and validation of various demonstrators with a multi-material design, e. g. seat shell, wishbone,  bending-torsion girder


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