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Endowed Chair "Textile Plastic Composites and Hybrid Compounds"


Announcement JEC WOLRD 2017

Visit us at JEC World at our booth "Alliance textile lightweight construction" in hall 5A booth G63 in Paris Villepinte Exhibition Center!

Bridge Conference, Opole

The Endowed Chair and research field Textile Plastic Composites with the presentation of current exhibits and demonstrators from the research results presented by the head of the Endowed Chair Dr.-Engineer Frank Helbig participated in the 1st Polish-German Bridge Conference in Opole on 7th and 08th April, 2016.

More information about the conference you will find here --> BRIDGE CONFERENCE.

JEC World 2016 Paris, Fair Report



For more information about JEC, please visit:

From 08th to 10th March, 2016 the most important composite exhibition under the new name JEC World took place for the 51st time at the new fair in Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. The Endowed Chair “Textile Plastic Composites” (TPC) presented itself together with the founding company SKL Schwergewebekonfektion Lichtenstein GmbH and the Chemnitz Federal Excellency Cluster MERGE at the booth "Saxony - A Place in Motion", together with the
•    An-Institute Cetex
•    Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE
•    Fükomp network
•    Foundation Partner SKL GmbH and the
•    thermoPre® Wachstumskern.
The prioritization of the TPC research on performance-enhancing structural adjustment of textile reinforcing structure materials and components for suitable mass lightweight applications is also increasingly the focus of the visitors.
Numerous discussions with interested parties from technology and application development based on our current exhibits on material studies as well as practical functional demonstrators could be realized.
Overall, the trend followed by research to suitable for serial production, textile-based fiber plastic composites became clearly confirmed.
The Endowed Chair is pleased with the made contacts and requests and is looking forward to get-togehter at JEC World 2017 next year.
Sincere thanks go to the Saxony Economic Development for the successful cooperation in the preparation and implementation of the event and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Research Foundation (DFG) for funding our research project PaFaTherm II and the Federal Excellence Initiative MERGE.

Fair Presentations 2016

The endowed professorship Textile Plastic Composites exhibits in 2016 at the following shows:01/06/16 


Open Day TU Chemnitz at lecture hall N, Reichenhainer Str. 90



JEC World at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center in Paris

hall 5A, booth C 77-2




mtex+/LIMA 2016 at fair Chemnitz



Chemnitz Textile Technology Conference

PaFaTherm II-Status Seminar:

Textile plastic composites, technologies and products

in complex 8

from 2 - 3.15 p.m.




COMPOSITES EUROPE at fair Düsseldorf

5 TPC Highlights

NCF Composites

The production of large area NCF composites in customisable laminate constructions is validated in manufacturing facilities suitable for mass production and verified successfully. Single layers of a few 0.12 mm thickness resulting from the textile-based composite semi-finished products provide excellent engineering and design options for lightweight construction in volume productions.
The technical basis for producing composites in industrial production scale was built through investments in OLU-Preg® technology of Foundation Partner SKL Schwergewebekonfektion Oberlungwitz GmbH.



Sandwich Draping Tool

For the scientific and technical work in PaFaTherm research field the sandwich and draping tool has been put into operation for producing the technology demonstrator "honeycomb composite lid". Together with the company Albert Polenz GmbH & Co. KG Döbeln and manufactured, it is used to study process parameters in multi-component injection.

The textile-based composites derived in variants from PaFaTherm research are used with exactly fitting thermoplastic materials for final demonstrator manufacturing.


Thin Ply-Composites

Maximum performance output with application of high quality composite components is at the forefront of research and development for CF-PA6-thin laminates. An only 1 mm thick composite material with 50% fibre volume content is built by 13 extremely thin unidirectional laminate layers.
For the production of dry thermoplastic prepregs the Torque Fibre Winding (TFW) technology of the industrial partner M & A Dieterle from Ottenbach in Baden-Württemberg is used.



Technology Application Demonstrator

In close collaboration between R&D department of the automotive supplier Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, Hallstadt, the Foundation Partner SKL GmbH and the foundation professorship TKV emerged the OLU-Preg®-textile-reinforced car door inner module in injection moulding technology.  Thus the usability of OLU-Preg® composites developed in collective research has been confirmed for efficient component-oriented lightweight in series productions and applications.
For the first time the cooperative, interdisciplinary R&D performance was presented at the JEC Paris 2015 and in the following at the technical meetings SICOMP in Gothenburg and ICCM in Copenhagen, as well at the fairs TECHTEXTIL and COMPOSITES EUROPE.

MMD-Functional Demonstrator

The functional demonstrator combines in a textile-based multi-material design (MMD) required material, process and structural design with soft elastic 3D knitted upholstery, shape-stabilizing organic sheets and textile-reinforced sandwich cores. The process and performance criteria, features and characteristics for a successful transfer in efficient, sustainable, resource-efficient production and products, as well as for TPC performance contents into a total of three different MERGE subprojects were derived out of associated technology and materials research.
The research achievements in the subproject C5 "MERGE technologies for physiologically compatible textile / plastic components using anisotropic effects" were awarded with the Best Poster Award at the IMTC 2015.


ITMA 2015, Milan







For the first time, the Endowed Professorship TPC indtroduced itself to the audience of the leading international trade fair of textile machinery ITMA 2015 at a joint stand of the Chemnitz University of Technology and the Institute of Textile Technology and Cetex gemeinnützige GmbH in the Research & Education Pavilion in Milan.

The presentation of the current scientific work of the Endowed Professorship drew the attention of interested international visitors and potential project partners.

As part of the courses of the TPC 25 students in total took advantage of the offer of a guide during an excursion sponsored by VDMA ITMA on the booth of KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH. Our thanks go to the company KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, especially Mr. Stefan Jung of the KARL MAYER Academy, who explained prospective bachelor and master graduates about 1 ½ hours, the warp-knitting machine technology on the latest generation of machines.








ICCM 2015 Copenhagen – A platform for composites

For the 20th session of the ICCM (International Conference on Composite Material), which was held in Copenhagen in July this year, our Endowed Professorship has been involved with 2 contributions.
Kay Schaefer, research assistant, spoke to his poster presentation "Flexible spacer fabrics for reinforcement of rigid Polyurethane Foams in sandwich structures". Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Helbig gave a lecture on "OLU-Preg® textile-based thermoplastic NCF composites".

More than 1800 researchers and scientists in the field of composite materials gather in Copenhagen, Denmark  for the 20th International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM20) under the title: ”Sustainable Composite Solutions to Global Challenges”.
Further information about the ICCM and the comittee you can find under and


Techtextil 2015 - A success for the Chemnitz University of Technology










Technical University of Chemnitz presented itself at the Techtextil in Frankfurt which is taking place every two years together with the Endowed Professorship Technical Textiles / Textile Machine Elements and the Professorship of Textile Technologies under the auspices of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Particular interest showed trade visitors the first functional demonstrator presented with specifically adjustable stiffness and elastic deformation properties in textile-reinforced multi-material design. The two PaFaTherm research assistants Kay Schäfer and Jonas Stiller, who developed the demonstrator had the opportunity themselves to talk in technical discussions with interested parties from aerospace and automotive industries about their research and results.

More than 60 expert discussions with prospective customers directly at the booth were held, contacts and preparations and precise agreements with cooperation and research partners met, which serve as a basis for further research ideas and project proposals.

Techtextil 2015

Visit us at the Techtextil 2015 at our booth in hall 3.1 / H 42!
Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens.

The fair takes place in Frankfurt/Main from 4 to 7 May 2015.

Further information on techtextil you find at:

JEC Paris 2015 - Fair Report

From 10 to 12/03/2015 the 50th session of the most important fair for Europe composites JEC Europe took place in Paris. The endowed Professorship Textile Plastic Composites presented together with the founding company SKL - Schwergewebekonfektion Lichtenstein GmbH and the Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE at the booth "Saxony - A Place in Motion".

Special attention attracted the OLU-Preg®-textile-reinforced, ready for series manufacturable in injection moulding processes car interior door module (see fig. above, left-side) which has been developed in close cooperation between the company Brose and the founding partner SKL GmbH.

For the first time the Endowed Professorship presented their carbon thin film laminates as PA6-Fibre Plastic Composite. With 50% fibre volume content 13 wafer-thin unidirectional laminate layers form an only 1 mm thick compound material. Together with the company M & A Dieterle from Ottenbach in Baden-Württemberg, the torque Fibre Winding (TFW) technology for large-series production of the required thermoplastic prepregs has been developed for this purpose.

Using a demonstrator component of a vehicle seat headrest the Endowed Professorship Textile Plastic Composites presented the results of processed engineered merging of plastic and textile reinforcing structures for innovative multi-material lightweight design achieved so far by the Federal Excellence Initiative MERGE.

The textile-reinforced foam cores with extended profile of properties in compression and bending elastic deformation behaviour under static and dynamic loads encountered the international trade fair audience with great interest.

Numerous discussions with an interested audience of industry and economy as well as concrete cooperation and coordination with research partners to continue strategic scientific and technical cooperation are confirmation of the practice and application-oriented research and development at the TU Chemnitz.

Our Endowed Professorship Textile Plastic Composites and the Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE herewith thanks the founding and research partners SKL GmbH Schwergewebekonfektion Lichtenstein in Oberlungwitz, the Technical University of  Chemnitz and the Saxony Economic Development for the successful cooperation in the preparation and implementation of our common presentation JEC 2015 in Paris and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Research Foundation (DFG) for funding our research projects PaFaTherm II and the German Excellence Initiative MERGE.

We look forward to the continuation of the scientific-technical cooperation, building on the requests and discussions at JEC 2015 in Paris and the reunion at JEC 2016.

For more information about JEC, please visit:


Fair notice JEC Paris 2015

Come and visit us at the JEC in Paris from 10th to 12th March, 2015.

Chemnitz University of Technology exhibits together with our Foundation Partner SKL GmbH  at the joint booth of Saxony in hall 7-2, G66.
The Endowed Chair of Textile Plastic Composites and MERGE as a nationwide single federal cluster of excellence in the field of lightweight research would like to approach project partners from industry with selected research activities and results to product and technology innovations.
We also provide information about the resulting new fields of studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the TU Chemnitz.
For more information about the show visit:

Announcement lecture INTEC, Leipzig 2015

The TU Chemnitz exhibits at INTEC as a part of the special exhibition to "Composite structures on the way in the series production" in Hall 5, Stand B21 from 24th to 27th February, 2015.

Our Endowed Chair of Textile Plastic Composites  participates in the forum "Hybrid construction" with a lecture on "Textile-based structures and composite components for hybrid lightweight construction" taking place at the forum of the special exhibition on  27th February at 10:50 a.m.

For more information, see

Studies with Prospects - Textile Structures and Technologies

The University of Applied Sciences Zwickau and the Technische Universität Chemnitz break new ground with a cooperative degree programme between college and university.

The interdisciplinary degree programme Textile Structures and Technologies will be offered as a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau and as a continuing Master’s degree at Technische Universität Chemnitz.

The endowed chair Textile Plastic Composites teaches the following content in the course of three lecture series:

  • dimensioning and calculation of textile structures
  • surface boundary design for textile-reinforced plastic composites
  • textile machine construction

Find out more about the degree programme, occupational outlooks and prospects at:

Short videos illustrate future professions and prospects for the degree programme Textile Structures and Technologies. What's more, employees of the endowed chair Textile Reinforced Composites will present their work. Likewise, the founding company SKL Schwergewebekonfektion Lichtenstein GmbH presents its work and manager Mike Scheika emphasises the excellent career prospects for graduates.

Under the motto "textile - more than you think" we recommend everyone interested in textiles to take a closer look at the page:

Symposium of the Status Seminar PaFaTherm II 2014


On July 2nd, this year's status seminar of the PaFaTherm II-project funded by the BMBF took place in the eniPROD building of the TU Chemnitz. For the first time the presentation of research projects and results of the junior research group was realised within the frame of a symposium. From 8.30 a.m. invited guests from the industry and from research poured into building M. More than 60 people attended the event.

Prof. Helbig, head of the endowed chair Textile Plastic Composites (TKV) and project manager of the PaFaTherm II-project, opened the event with a presentation on the research and transfers of the endowed chair TKV.

The presentation was followed by a lecture series that introduced research projects and results of the junior research group PaFaTherm II. These five presentations illustrated the project's spectrum of research areas and emphasised the cooperation between founding companies and the endowed chair. The full-day event was rounded off with specialist lectures by speakers from the Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE and the industry.

Afterwards a poster session was held in the foyer right outside the conference room. During the breaks and after the event people could take a closer look at the 13 posters and talk with the representing scientists and scholars. All research projects that were presented, both lectures and posters, were published in the proceedings of the event.

The endowed chair Textile Plastic Composites, in particular members of the project PaFaTherm II, would like to thank the Professorship for Machine Tools and Forming Technology for the provision of rooms and the support in the realisation of the symposium. Another word of thanks is addressed to thermoPre® e.V. for their participation in the realisation of the status seminar. Special thanks are due to all those involved in the poster session, the presenters from the field of research, as well as Mr Würtele from KraussMaffei Technologies for his fascinating presentation on efficient multicomponent injection moulding technologies.

We further thank all participants for their interest and hope to welcome you again as our guests next year.

We look forward to seeing you all at next year's status seminar 2015.

Continue reading: Artikel der Website "UnternehmenRegion"

The company Nanolamina posted about our status seminar on 02.07.:


mtex 2014 – Small Fair, Great Success


The trade fair mtex at the Messe Chemnitz took place simultaneously to the conference on Chemnitzer Textiltechnik Tagung. Together with the Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE the endowed chair displayed its work at stand C10, which was part of this year's exhibition tour. The minister of state Ms Prof. Schorlemer and the mayor of Chemnitz Ms Ludwig visited our booth. Moreover, the endowed chair could make more than 25 new contacts.


More Information about mtex:

Added Value Through Textile Engineering – Textile Engineering Conference in Chemnitz


From May 13 to 14, 2014 the 14th Textile Engineering Conference took place in Chemnitz. Under the motto "added value through textile engineering" latest findings from all fields of application of textile engineering were presented in five topic areas. Prof. Helbig presented the new product OLU-Preg® together with the founding partner SKL/SKM – Schwergewebekonfektion GmbH.

We look forward to the next Textile Engineering Conference in Chemnitz in 2016.
You can find more information about the Textile Engineering Conference at:


Trade Fair Breaks Records - JEC Europe 2014


From March 11 to 14, the 49th edition of JEC Europe took place in Paris. At the joint stand "Saxony – A Place in Motion" the endowed chair Textile Plastic Composites presented itself together with the founding company SKL – Schwergewebekonfektion Lichtenstein GmbH and the Chemnitz Federal Cluster of Excellence MERGE. In 2014, the growth and the interest in the composites sector have been expanding further and so, also JEC registered a double-digit growth. It is thus the largest trade fair of its kind. The focus areas of this year's fair were oriented towards renewable resources, carbon fibres and thermoplastics as well as offshore energy and hybrid structures. Beside the "Innovative Composites Summit" and the "Thermoplastics Conference" JEC also offered numerous panels and conferences, which served as a diversified stage for knowledge exchange in the composites sector.

The endowed chair Textile Plastic Composites (TKV) presented research findings and exhibits from the BMBF-project PaFaTherm II, including various textile reinforced lightweight components, semi-finished thermoplastic non-crimp-fabrics (NCF) and fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) components based on OLU-Preg®. Additionally, injection-moulded FRP components with partial textile-reinforcement aroused the interest of many visitors at the fair.
The endowed chair TKV and the cooperating founding companies were pleased with the avid reception and the great interest in FRP lightweight components.

You can find more impression of JEC at the Press Office of TU Chemnitz.
We look forward to next year's JEC Europe.

You can find more information about JEC at:


mtex 2014


Besuchen Sie uns auf der mtex am Stand C10 in Chemnitz.

Vom 14.05. – 16.05. öffnet die mtex in der Messe Chemnitz ihre Pforten. Auch die Stiftungsprofessur Textile Kunststoffverbunde ist dabei und präsentiert sich am Stand C10.
Unter dem diesjährigen Motto „Textiles in Motion“ widmet sich die Messe dem Trend zur Anwendung von textilen Materialien und Verbundwerkstoffen im Fahrzeugbau. Die mtex versteht sich als internationale Kommunikationsplattform im Besonderen für Technische Textilien im Fahrzeugbau. Die Messe repräsentiert damit gleichzeitig das Bundesland Sachsen als kompetenten Standort für die Automobilbranche.

5. Internationale Ausstellung & Symposium für Textilien und Leichtbau im Fahrzeugbau
Messe Chemnitz
14.05. – 16.05. 2014
Weitere Informationen zur mtex finden Sie unter:


Chemnitzer Textiltechnik-Tagung 2014


Besuchen Sie uns auf der Chemnitzer Textiltechnik Tagung!

Am 13. Und 14. Mai 2014 findet die Chemnitzer Textiltechnik-Tagung statt. Das Institut für Strukturleichtbau und das Institut für Fördertechnik und Kunststoffe der Technischen Universität Chemnitz, der Förderverein Cetex Chemnitzer Textilmaschinenentwicklung e.V.,  sowie der Verband der Nord-Ostdeutschen Textil- und Bekleidungsindustrie e.V. und das Sächsischen Textilforschungsinstitut e.V. laden zum 14. Mal zu dieser Tagung ein. Im Zweijahresrhythmus wird dabei an die Textile Tradition Sachsens angeknüpft.  

In diesem Jahr liegen die Themenschwerpunkte sowohl im Bereich der textilverstärkten Verbundbauteile, als auch bei Ressourceneffizienz und Nachhaltigkeit von Prozessen und Produkten der Textilbranche.
Der Stiftungspartner SKL/SKM – Schwergewebekonfektion GmbH wird sich auf der Tagung mit einem Vortrag des gemeinsam mit der Stiftungsprofessur TKV entwickelten Produktes OLU-Preg® vorstellen.

14. Chemnitzer Textiltechnik Tagung
Mehrwert durch Textiltechnik
13. -14. Mai 2014

Weiter Informationen zu Chemnitz Textiltechnik-Tagung finden Sie unter:


JEC Europe 2014


Besuchen Sie uns auf der JEC in Paris am Gemeinschaftsstand "Sachsen - Ein Land in Bewegung" in der Halle 7/2 Stand IC35.

Die JEC Europe ist eine europaweite und international führende Messe im Bereich der Verbundwerkstoffe. Auch dieses Jahr öffnet die JEC ihrer Pforten in Paris und dient als Plattform zum Wissensaustausch und als Trendsetter. Mit mehr als 1200 Ausstellern ist die Messe sehr anwendungsorientiert und erwartet ein internationales Publikum. 2014 wird dabei besonderes auf das Partnerland Niederlande und seine Verbundwerkstoff-Industrie eingegangen.

Die Stiftungsprofessur Textile Kunststoffverbunde präsentiert sich gemeinsam mit dem Bundesexellenzcluster MERGE auf dem Stand des Stiftungspartners SKM – Schwergewebekonfektion Moers GmbH am Gemeinschaftsstand „Sachsen - Ein Land in Bewegung“ in der Halle 7/2 Stand IC35.

JEC Europe 2014
composites show & conferences
Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles, Frankreich

Weitere Informationen zur JEC finden Sie unter:



Spannende Verknüpfung von Theorie und Praxis – Exkursion zu Airbus und CTC


Die Exkursion, an der 20 Studenten der Vorlesung „Textile Verbundkomponenten und Preformen“ teilnahmen, startete um 3.00 Uhr morgens in Chemnitz. Um 10.30 Uhr sollte die Führung durch das Airbus-Werk beginnen. Wie schon in den vergangenen Jahren übernahm Herr von Rönne die Führung durch die Produktionshallen für die Airbus-Seitenleitwerke und verschaffte, dank seiner langjährigen Berufs- und Arbeitserfahrung beim Flugzeughersteller, den Studentinnen und Studenten einen aufschlussreiche Einblicke in die Serienfertigung von carbonfaserverstärkten Großbauteilen.


Anschließend fand ein Besuch des Composite Technology Center (CTC) GmbH Stade statt. Dort führte Herr Dr. Kotzelski die Studenten durch das Technikum, in dem Fertigungsverfahren für CFK-Bauteile zukünftiger Airbus-Produkte zur Serienreife gebracht werden.

Wir bedanken uns bei Frau Bromund, Herr von Rönne,  Frau Bracht,  Herrn Dr. Kotzelski und Herrn Prof. Hermann für die Organisation und Durchführung der Exkursion am Standort Stade. 

Weitere Informationen zu Airbus und zum CTC finden Sie unter:



Ab ins Flugzeug – Exkursion zu Airbus und CTC


Im Rahmen der Vorlesung „Textile Verbundkomponenten und Preformen“ bietet die Stiftungsprofessur Textile Kunststoffverbunde eine Exkursion zu Airbus und ins CTC  nach Stade an.

Airbus ist ein weltweit führender Flugzeughersteller, der in Deutschland u. a. am Standort Stade vertreten ist. Das Werk in Stade ist innerhalb des EADS-Konzerns, zu dem Airbus gehört, auf die Herstellung von kohlenstofffaserverstärkten Kunststoffverbunden (CFK) spezialisiert.



Seit 1981 ist Stade auf die Kunststoffverarbeitung im Flugzeugbau fokussiert. 1983 wurde das erste CFK-Seitenruder für einen A310 von diesem Werk ausgeliefert. Nach diesen ersten Anfängen etablierte sich das Werk mit seinen Faserkunststoffverbund-Elementen  und erweitert ständig seine Produktpalette entsprechend dem wachsenden Bedarf an CFK-Strukturen.
Arbeitsschwerpunkt im Werk Stade ist die Verarbeitung und Weiterentwicklung dieser CFK-Technologien für die Luft- und Raumfahrt. In Stade werden die Seitenleitwerke für alle Flugzeuge von Airbus produziert. Die dort hergestellten Faserverbundbauteile gehören zu den größten Elementen, die bei Verkehrsflugzeugen eingesetzt werden. Zusätzlich werden vor Ort auch Teile für den Eurofighter/Typhoon (Kampfflugzeug) aus CFK gefertigt.





Im Anschluss an die Besichtigung bei Airbus erfolgt ein Besuch des Composite Technology Center (CTC) GmbH Stade. Das CTC entwickelt für den Flugzeugbau Serientechnologien für die Fertigung und Montage von CFK-Bauteile. Dabei wird vor Allem auf eine fasergerechte Produktgestaltung Wert gelegt. Die Entwicklung von effizienten und automatisierten Fertigungs- und Montagetechnologien soll dabei eine stabile Serienproduktion gewährleisten. 2001 gegründet, ist das CTC der CFK Forschungs- und Entwicklungsbereich von Airbus.





Die Exkursion findet am 07. Januar 2014 statt. Alle interessierten Studenten werden gebeten sich während der Vorlesung bis zum 10. Dezember  in die Einschreibelisten einzutragen.
Weitere Informationen zur Exkursion erhalten Sie bei Frau Böhme (Kontakt: constanze.boehme@...)

Zur Agenda der Exkursion.

Weitere Informationen zu Airbus und zum CTC finden Sie unter:

Neue Synergien mit Kunststofftechnik – Technomer 2013


Die 23. Fachtagung über Verarbeitung und Anwendung von Polymeren fand am 14. und 15. November in Chemnitz statt. Die Technomer wird seit 1969 veranstaltet, und ist damit die dienstälteste Kunststofftagung Deutschlands. Organisiert vom Institut für Fördertechnik und Kunststoffe der TU Chemnitz und dem Kunststoffzentrum in Leipzig, sowie dem Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden gilt die Tagung als branchenübergreifendes Forum zum Gedanken- und Informationsaustausch der Kunststofftechnik.
Mit über 400 nationalen und internationalen Gästen sprach die Tagung ein breites Publikum an. Die dynamische und schnelle Entwicklung der Kunststoffbranche ist Anlass für Kooperation und Interaktion zwischen Forschung und Wirtschaft. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Gehde, Leiter der Professur Kunststoffe der TU Chemnitz, zieht eine positive Bilanz der Stellung der Kunststofftechnik und ihren zukünftigen Wegen. Dabei werden Maschinenbauer zunehmend zu Technologielieferanten. Durch Multimaterialdesign wird die Werkstofftechnik erweitert und führt u. a. zur Erhöhung der Funktionsdichte in Materialien.
Dr. Peter Bloß vom Kunststoffzentrum Leipzig  weist die Technomer als wissenschaftlichen Höhepunkt der Region aus. Die Tagung ist damit Richtungsgeber und setzt Impulse zum Erfahrungsaustausch. Prof. Dr. Arnold van Zyl, Rektor der TU Chemnitz betont den fachübergreifenden Wissens- und Technologietransfer, der zu neuen Synergien führt.
Mit 89 Vorträgen und 83 Postern steht die Vernetzung von Wissen, Forschung und Anwendung im Vordergrund. Die Stiftungsprofessur Textile Kunststoffverbunde beteiligte sich mit 4 Poster-Beiträgen. Spannende Gespräche am Poster, sowie reges Interesse an den dargelegten Themenstellungen spiegeln den weiterhin bestehenden Forschungsbedarf im Bereich der Faserkunststoffverbunde wieder.

Die Posterbeiträge der Stiftungsprofessur sind nachfolgend aufgelistet und stehen Ihnen zum Download zur Verfügung.

„Anionische In-situ Polymerisation zur Herstellung textilverstärkter thermoplastischer Spritzgussbauteile“
Nadine Buschner

„Einfluss der textilen Gestaltung auf die mechanischen Eigenschaften endlosfaserverstärkter Thermoplaste“
Constanze Böhme

„3D-Gewirke mit integrierten Polyurethanschäumen“
Kay Schäfer

„Großserientaugliche Organobleche für thermoplastische Faser-Kunststoff-Verbunde“
Stefanie Schindler

Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen auf der 24. Technomer 2015.
Weitere Informationen zur Technomer finden Sie unter:


Technomer 2013

Visit us at the Technomer!
From 14 to 15 November the 23th Symposium for processing and application of polymers takes place in Chemnitz. The conference is aimed at developers, users and other interested parties of the plastics industry. Every two years the Technomer informs about the latest research and developments and encourage the professional exchange between research institutions and the industry.

The endowed chair Textile Plastic Composites is involved with 4 poster contributions to the conference. In the area of "Faserverbundkunststoffe" following posters will be displayed:

„Anionische In-situ Polymerisation zur Herstellung textilverstärkter thermoplastischer Spritzgussbauteile“
Nadine Buschner

„Einfluss der textilen Gestaltung auf die mechanischen Eigenschaften endlosfaserverstärkter Thermoplaste“
Constanze Böhme

„3D-Gewirke mit integrierten Polyurethanschäumen“
Kay Schäfer

„Großserientaugliche Organobleche für thermoplastische Faser-Kunststoff-Verbunde“
Stefanie Schindler

23. Fachtagung über Verarbeitung und Anwendung von Polymeren

Further information on Technomer:


Composite materials are in vogue - Composites Europe 2013


With over 9000 visits and more than 400 exhibitors, the Composites Europe reported from 17 - 19.09.2013 an enormous growth of interest. Coinciding with the exhibition hybrid Expo - Materials, Technology & Components a lively meeting of the various manufacturers, processors and research institutes of composite materials was held in Stuttgart. The exchange between international researcher, developers and users in the composites industry was at the forefront.

At the stand 4/F03 we presented together with the company SKL - Schwergewebekonfektion Lichtenstein GmbH our research on textile-reinforced thermoplastic fiber composites. There were over 40 new contacts for the endowed chair. Especially in the field of spacer fabric with integrated polyurethane foam and the product OLU-Preg®, which was jointly developed with the company SKL, the great interest in our work became clear. We thank our foundation partner SKL - Schwergewebekonfektion Lichtenstein GmbH for the excellent cooperation and successful joint presentation of the latest R & D results on the public appeal stand.

We look forward to seeing you again at the next Composites Europe from 7 to 9 October 2014.

Further information on Composites Europe:


Congratulations! – Dr.-Ing. Frank Helbig was appointed as extracurricular professor

Since 11th September 2013 the TU Chemnitz has got two extracurricular professors more. This Wednesday the appointment of the extracurricular professors of the faculty mechanical engineering took place in the Zentrales Hörsaal- und Seminargebäude N010.

They have been appointed:

Dr.-Ing. Markus Michael
Head of the Endowed Chair „Technical Textiles – Textile Machine Elements”
Dr.-Ing. Frank Helbig
Head of the Endowed Chair „Textile Plastic Composites“



At the ceremony many guests from academia and industry participated. Many members and friends of other institutes, universities and the founder companies had appeared. After a welcome by Prof. Nendel , vice dean of the faculty of mechanical engineering of the TU Chemnitz , there was a greeting and the presentation of the initiative InnoProfile transfer by Mr. Steffenhagen (Projektträger Jülich). He pointed out that the TU Chemnitz has got three out of five endowed professorships in Saxony. In conclusion they break new innovative ways and thus convert the winning combination of science and industry within the endowed professorships. The presenters Prof. Nendel and Prof. Odenwald, head of the chair of sports engineering, praised the heads of the endowed chairs for their academic work, their academic performance and commitment. With their work and innovative ideas they contribute significantly to the revival and development of the R & D work for the textile engineering at the TU Chemnitz. As "living knowledge broker" they give their findings further in teaching to promote students for junior science and industry.


Prof. Lang, vice rector for research and young academics, on behalf of the Rector of the TU Chemnitz, appointed the unscheduled professors with the transfer of the relevant certificates. Following both professors awarded with two exciting lectures an insight into the subject areas and focus of each endowed professorships and their junior research groups..

Prof. Michael dedicated his lecture to the fibre ropes. He starts with the definition of “textile machine elements", explained the existing testing and showed of the complete manufacturing and life cycle of a fibre rope. He summed up with the exciting challenges of his research field.

Prof. Helbig focused in his presentation to the power delivery architectures within textile fiber plastic composites. He showed on the basis of analytical and numerical models and experimental characteristics of the performance by textile materials and the need of "constructing for, by and with textiles “.


The newly appointed professors got many congratulations and good wishes from all participate after the event.

Congratulation to Professor Helbig and Prof. Michael for their appointments!

Further information:

Pressemitteilung der TU Chemnitz vom 11.09.2013


Composites Europe 2013



Visit us at the Composites Europe at our stand 4/F03! The Composites Europe is a European trade fair for composites, technology and applications in Stuttgart. International researchers, developers and users exhibit innovative materials and construction solutions. The focus is on key technologies across the entire value chain of the composites industry..

Composites Europe
8th European Trade Fair & Forum for Composites, Technology and Applications
Stuttgart, Germany

Further information on Composites Europe:



Invitation Appointment of the extracurricular professors of the faculty mechanical engineering
11th September 2013 in Chemnitz - Zentrales Hörsaal- und Seminargebäude N010
09:30 a.m. Admittance
10:00 a.m. Welcoming Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nendel, Vice Dean of the faculty mechanical engineering at the Chemnitz University of Technology
10:15 a.m. Greeting Jörg Steffenhagen, Projektträger Jülich, Federal Ministry of Education and Research
10:30 a.m. Laudation Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nendel, Head of the institute hoisting and conveying engineering at the Chemnitz University of Technology
10:50 a.m. Laudation Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Odenwaldl, Leader of the professorship sports engineering at the Chemnitz University of Technology
11.10 a.m. Appointment of the extracurricular professors Prof. Dr. Heinrich Lang, Vice Rector of the Chemnitz University of Technology
11:20 a.m. Endowed Chair „Technical Textiles – Textile Machine Elements”: Textile Machine Elements within the institute hoisting and conveying engineering Dr.-Ing. Markus Michael, Head of the Endowed Chair
11:40 a.m. Endowed Chair „Textile Plastic Composites“: Textile Technologies and Architecture for Lightweight Structures Dr.-Ing. Frank Helbig, Head of the Endowed Chair
12:00 p.m. GetTogether, lunch
01:00 p.m. Round tour technical centre



Exchange of Ideas - benefactor-meeting and status seminar

BENEFACTOR MEETING of the Endowed Chair ”Textile Plastic Composites“ STATUS SEMINAR of the BMBF project “PaFaTherm II“

On 19th June 2013 the first status seminar together with the benefactor meeting of the Endowed Chair “Textile Plastic Composites” take place. The ten benefactor companies were invited as consortium. They support the project PaFaTherm II with their technical and subject-specific knowledge and finance the Endowed Chair to lead a five-member junior research group. The event at the interface of textile and plastics technology presented the current status of the research project "PaFaTherm II - multi-component injection molding processes for structural variable textile-reinforced composite components". Dr.-Ing. Frank Helbig, Head of the Endowed Chair, presented the intention of the program and the status seminar. Moreover he introduced the “PaFaTherm II” project to intensify the cross-project collaboration with the benefactor companies. He pointed to the significant challenges, to do research for the region, to develop integrated solutions and to facilitate the implementation and continuity. The focus was on the interdisciplinary functioning of the research group whose solutions were presented. Dr.-Ing. Roman Rinberg, head of the department "Bioplastics and Natural Fibre Composites" of the Institute “Lightweight Structure and Polymer Technology” (SLK), took the opportunity of this event and spoke about the joint project "Processing of bio-based plastics and construction of a network of excellence within the Biopolymer-network in the FNR", which is encouraged by BMELV (Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection) and the FNR (Agency for Renewable Resources).

Between the junior research group and the representatives of the benefactor companies new ideas were discussed and professional discussion were held. In small groups rises discussion forum about the presentation of a problem of the benefactor companies.

Furthermore there was a visit of the laboratory “polymer and textile plastic composites analytics” of the Institute “Lightweight Structure and Polymer Technology”. During this visitation the benefactor companies convince themselves of the existing technical equipment and practical textile-reinforced demonstrator and components. Within multilateral conversations concrete activities in cooperation between the Endowed Chair and the benefactor companies were planed to be put into practice. We are looking forward to further cooperation with new ideas and the support of the benefactor companies.

Further information:


A successful exhibition - techtextil 2013" name="abs10">


From 11 to 13 June 2013 the fair techtextil takes place in Frankfurt, Germany. The international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens convinced 40,000 visitors form 113 counties and 1,322 exhibitors (48 different nations) with a large range of technologies and technical textiles and their applications. This year the fair was larger than before and achieves a visitor- and exhibitor-record.

Our stand was located in hall 3.0 C29. The Endowed Chair “Textile Plastic Composite” successfully presented latest projects and exhibits of research and development. There exists a vibrant interest in the projects PaFaTherm II, Spacer Fabric with integrated Polyurethane Foam, and OLU-Preg® (project in cooperation with the foundation partner SKL – Schwergewebe Konfektion Lichtenstein GmbH). In conclusion there were interesting and promising professional discussions with more than 100 new contacts to companies.

We are looking forward to meeting you again at the next techtextil from 5 to 7 May 2015. Further information on techtextil:


Techtextil 2013


Visit us at the techtextil at our stand hall 3.0 C29!!

The techtextil is an international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens. From 11 to 13 June the fair takes place in Frankfurt, Germany.

Our projects and exhibits of research and development deal with the application within Indutech and Mobiltech

International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens
Frankfurt a. M. Germany

Further information on techtextil:


JEC Europe 2013


Visit us at the JEC Europe at the joint stand “Sachsen-live” stand T66!

The JEC Europe is one of the leading trade fairs for composites. From 12 to 14 March 2013 exhibitors from all over the world come together and form a huge network for experts from the composite branch. In Paris the most important topics and trends along the entire value chain of composites are represented.

Get informed about our current research results within lightweight structures. Find out new production methods and applications of new composites for automotive, construction and infrastructure. We present exhibits of thermoplastic textile plastic composites in semi-finished products and structural component applications for mass production.

JEC Europe 2013
composites show & conferences
Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles, Frankreich

Further information on JEC:


Textile Leichtbauverbunde für Hochleistungsanwendungen

Die Stiftungsprofessur „Textile Kunststoffverbunde“ an der Technischen Universität Chemnitz hat am 1. April 2012 mit ihrer Forschungsarbeit begonnen. Am Mittwoch, den 20. Juni, fand die offizielle Einweihung der Stiftungsprofessur im Projekthaus METEOR im Universitätsteil Erfenschlager Straße statt. Nach Grußworten des Rektors der TU Chemnitz, Prof. Arnold van Zyl, und der Oberbürgermeisterin der Stadt Chemnitz, Frau Barbara Ludwig, sprach Prof. Kroll über die Verknüpfung zwischen Textil- und Kunststofftechnik, bevor drei der Stifter zu Wort kamen. In diesen Vorträgen standen Anlagen zur Kunststoffverarbeitung, Verfahren und Maschinen zur Textilverarbeitung und Leichtbautechnologien im Vordergrund. Außerdem stellte Dr. Helbig die Stiftungsprofessur und das InnoProfile-Transfer-Projekt „Mehrkomponenten-Spritzgießprozesse für strukturvariable textilverstärkte Verbundbauteile“ (PaFaTherm II) vor. Die in das Projekt eingebundenen Unternehmen der Textil- und Kunststofftechnik präsentierten sich im Rahmen einer Posterausstellung.

Das sechsköpfige interdisziplinäre Team der Stiftungsprofessur besteht aus Kunststofftechnikern, Textiltechnologen, Konstrukteuren, Mechanikern und Chemikern. „Wir erforschen die anwendungsgerechte Verknüpfung von textil- und kunststoffverarbeitenden Prozessen. Mit der Fokussierung auf den Mehrkomponenten-Spritzgießprozess als Endverarbeitungsstufe sollen hochautomatisierte Prozessketten zur Herstellung von textilverstärkten Kunststoffbauteilen entwickelt werden, die durch kurze Taktzeiten und Großserientauglichkeit gekennzeichnet sind.“, sagt Dr. Frank Helbig, Leiter der neuen Stiftungsprofessur und des Forschungsprojekts. Besondere Schwerpunkte sind dabei, neuartige, strukturell angepasste, textile Verstärkungsstrukturen und zugehörige Spritzgießprozesse. „An der Finanzierung der Stiftungsprofessur beteiligen sich insgesamt zehn, mehrheitlich regionale kleine und mittlere Unternehmen, die als Konsortium mit ihren technologischen Kompetenzen das fachliche Spektrum der wissenschaftlich-technischen Forschungsarbeiten des Projektes widerspiegeln“, berichtet Prof. Lothar Kroll, Direktor des Instituts für Strukturleichtbau der TU Chemnitz und Direktor des An-Institutes Cetex gemeinnützige GmbH.

Die an der Finanzierung der Stiftungsprofessur beteiligten regionalen KMU sind: Lätzsch GmbH Kunststoffverarbeitung, Kitzscher; SKL Schwergewebekonfektion Lichtenstein GmbH, Oberlungwitz; ERMAFA Sondermaschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH; FIBER-TECH Products GmbH, (beide Chemnitz); EAST-4D Carbon Technology GmbH, Dresden; GOEPFERT Werkzeug & Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Weimar; Albert Polenz GmbH & Co. KG, Döbeln, und Spengler & Fürst GmbH Co. KG, Crimmitschau. Großunternehmen als Stifter sind ferner die führenden Maschinenbauunternehmen der Kunststoff- und Textiltechnik, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH, München, bzw. KARL MAYER MALIMO Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Chemnitz. Die Stiftungsprofessur ist in die Professur Strukturleichtbau und Kunststoffverarbeitung an der TU Chemnitz eingebunden und an eine fünfjährige Projektförderung des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) im Rahmen der Innovationsinitiative „Unternehmen Region“ gekoppelt.

Im Anschluss an die Einweihungsveranstaltung fand das Kickoff-Treffen dieses InnoProfile-Transfer-Projektes statt. Das Projekt „Mehrkomponenten-Spritzgießprozesse für strukturvariable textilverstärkte Verbundbauteile“ wird für fünf Jahre mit 2,8 Millionen Euro vom BMBF gefördert. „Projektziel ist es, die mechanischen Eigenschaften von thermoplastischen Faserverbundbauteilen belastungsgerecht einzustellen und damit Material und Masse einzusparen“, so Helbig. Die Wissenschaftler betrachten dabei grundlegende Fragestellungen, welche sich an den Bedarfen der kooperierenden Unternehmen orientieren. Außerdem bringt die Stiftungsprofessur über das Projekt das Themenfeld der textilen Leichtbaustrukturen in die Lehre an der TU Chemnitz ein.

Agenda der Einweihung

Einweihung der Stiftungsprofessur TKV Leiter der Stiftungsprofessure Dr. Helbig Kickoff-Meeting

Fotos: SLK

Pressemeldung des BMBF zur Einweihung der Stiftungsprofessur

InnoProfile Transfer Initiative Pafatherm II started with Endowed Professorship


For the climate and resource protection, lightweight construction with textile reinforcement move increasingly into focus - they come about in the automobile production in the aerospace industry as well as in machine and equipment construction. The production of such high-performance components is due to the complex process steps and still has numerous manual interfaces and is very time-consuming and expensive and unsuitable for mass production.

This is where the new InnoProfile Transfer Initiative Pafatherm II, which deals with the provision of multi-component injection-molding processes for textile-reinforced thermoplastic lightweight structures. As a follow- research project on the successfully completed InnoProfile project Pafatherm I (Partial semi-finished fiber reinforcement of thermoplastic injection molded parts) has now launched the Foundation Chair of "Textile plastic composites" to life, in the framework of which the Pafatherm II project strengthened the application-oriented linkage of textile and plastics processing processes dedicated. By focusing on highly automated process chain for the manufacture of textile reinforced plastic components the multi-component injection moulding process can be used to create end-stage processing, which is characterized by short cycle times and suitability for large series production. Through the use of continuous fibre semi-finished products in the cavity of the mould the mechanical properties will meet the load set of thermoplastic fiber composites and save material, as well as mass. However novel, structurally adapted textile reinforcement structures are to develop and to adjust the injection moulding process technologically. However, the special challenges exist because the acting High injection pressure and the toughness of thermoplastic molten lead to strong mechanical stresses of the limp textile reinforcement structures within very short processing times. Further developments make precise adjustment of various material and process parameters to injection moulds and the process chain in connection with the processing of textiles. The property effect of thermoplastic textile reinforced composites under the chosen conditions continue to explore and to application-oriented process, to make use of components and component designs is the aim of the project.

Financing for the endowed chair to chair the five-member research group Pafatherm II majority regional SMEs, which are reflected as a consortium with their technological skills, the program portfolio of scientific and technological research of the project involved a total of ten.

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