Endowed Chair "Textile Plastic Composites"
Endowed Chair

Endowed Chair "Textile Plastic Composites"


Programm InnoProfile-Transfer follow-up project PaFaTherm II

Areas of Activity Provision of Service
  • Textile structures suitable for mass production of lightweight structures
  • Textile-based materials and process compatibility
  • Energy and resource-efficient production of textile-reinforced plastic composites
  • Structure and process parameters of textile-based composite production
  • Reproducibility of structure property relationships of textile plastic composites suitable for large series
  • Component-oriented validation of textile composite performance in application-compatible Multi-Material-Design (MMD)
  • Development of process-adapted, textile-reinforcing structures with qualifying structural and functional density
  • Design, production and validation of structure variable composite components and parts
  • Intensification of specific composite performance in textile-based Multi-Material-Design
  • Application-oriented technology planning for marketable, textile-based lightweight productions
  • Tooling development for integral, component-oriented structure, function and process design
  • Integral production of load-oriented, three-dimensional textile-reinforced lightweight sandwich composites

Research Profile

The Endowed Chair Textile Plastic Composites combines the disciplines of Textile Technology, Textile Machine Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Plastics Technology and Mechanics in an interdisciplinary team. The focus of research lies on the parallel alignment and linking of the value chains of textile and plastics processing for the production of large series compatible, textile-reinforced plastic composites. The knowledge and technology transfer from research into strategic collaborations with industry and business creates the common foundations for technology and product innovations. The focus is on the practical implementation of the requirements for sustainability, resource conservation and energy efficiency in textile-based lightweight technologies and products. Scientific and technical sound and apply confirmed R&D results are used in a total of six, each one complete semester comprehensive courses of the Endowed Chair TPC for Bachelor and Master degree programs at the TU Chemnitz.

Leader of the research field and head of the Endowed Chair:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Helbig

The current faculty poster you will find here: TPC-Poster.

current issues

Current projects (excerpts)

  • PaFaTherm II
    Multi component injection moulding for structure variable textile reinforced composite-components
  • highSTICK plus
    Conceptual formulation and development of a modular embroidery machine type
  • MERGE – Technologies for Multifunctional Lightweight Structures
    - IRD A3 Development of bionic, semi-finished functional products and physically compatible hybrid    
    - IRD B5 Functional hybrid textiles with passive and active metal filaments
    - IRD C5 MERGE technologies for physiologically compatible textile/plastic components using anisotropic


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